Return to Mandalay

de Rosanna Ley (2014)




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Eva Gatsby has often wondered exactly what happened to her grandfather Lawrence in Burma during the Second World War. But it is only when Eva’s job as an antiques dealer requires a trip to Mandalay that Lawrence breaks his silence and asks her to return a mysterious artefact he has in his possession – a carved and decorative wooden chinthe – to its rightful owner. As Eva arrives in Burma her mission soon proves dangerously complicated and the treasure she is guarding becomes the centre of a scandal dating from colonialism and the final Burmese dynasty and with far-reaching consequences. Caught between loyalty and integrity, Eva is determined to find the truth about her grandfather’s past, her own family origins, and the red-eyed chinthe itself – enigmatic symbol of the riches of Mandalay.

Titre original : Return to Mandalay (2014)

1 édition pour ce livre

2014 Editions Quercus

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 576 pages

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