L'Epouvanteur, tome 16

de Joseph Delaney (2017)




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The third chilling installment in the new Spook's legend ...An assassin lurks in the darkness between earth and oblivion - but who are they, and what is their mission? The people of the County live in fear of the beasts bent on bringing the war to their home. How can they possibly hope to survive when their fearsome enemies are fortified with the power of a god? Could the creature that moves in the darkness be the savior the County seeks?

Titre original : The Spook's Apprentice, book 16: The Dark Assassin (2017)

2 éditions pour ce livre

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2019 Editions Bayard

Française Langue française | 352 pages | Sortie : 6 Novembre 2019 | ISBN : 9782747057387

2017 Editions Red Fox

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 304 pages | Sortie : 3 Août 2017 | ISBN : 9781849416375

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