Ghost boy

de Jean Simon (1994)




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Once, in a small town paralyzed with fear, a sadistic human monster moved undetected, leaving a terrifying trail of bloody death... and few clues. That was twenty-five years ago. Today, two more children have juste been found brutally murdered.
Eleven-year-old Joely calls this town her new home. She calls the shy, strange boy named Martin her new friend. But Martin has a secret: he knows who the killer is. Because he was the first victim. And unless he can stop the killings, Joely's going to be the next one.
In this town, every child has a reason to be afraid.
Just ask Martin...

Titre original : Ghost boy (1994)

1 édition pour ce livre

1994 Editions Zebra

Française Langue française | 316 pages | Sortie : Avril 1994

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