Signs Point to Yes

de Sandy Hall (2015)




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If only Jane's Magic 8 Ball could tell her how to get through the summer. With her "perfect" sister, Margo, home for her "perfect" internship, Jane is not going to be able to spend the summer writing fan fiction, as she had planned. And her emergency babysitting job requires Jane to spend the whole summer in awkward proximity to her new crush, Teo, a nerdy-hot lifeguard with problems of his own. With his best friend out of town, Teo finds himself without anyone to confide in… except Jane. Will Jane and Teo be able to salvage each other's summer ? Even the Magic 8 Ball doesn't have the answer… but signs point to yes.

Titre original : Signs Point to Yes (2015)

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2015 Editions Swoon reads

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 265 pages | Sortie : 20 octobre 2015 | ISBN : 9781250066008

2015 Editions Macmillan

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 265 pages

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1 commentaire

  • Vikk Le 16 Juillet 2018 à 17:39
    Loin d'être un coup de coeur comme A Little Something Different, mais j'ai quand même bien aimé. Romance toute simple, assez jeunesse, mais parfaite pour l'été!

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