The Toymakers

de Robert Dinsdale (2018)




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The Emporium opens with the first sign of frost...
It is 1917, and while war wages across Europe, in the heart of London, there is a place of hope and enchantment.
The Emporium sells toys that capture the imagination of children and adults alike: patchwork dogs that seem alive, toy boxes that are bigger on the inside, soldiers that can fight battles on their own.
Into this family business comes young Cathy Wray, running away from a shameful past. The Emporium takes her in, makes her one of its own. But Cathy is about to discover that the Emporium has secrets of its own...
A dark enchanting, spectacularly imaginative novel perfect for fans of THE MINIATURIST.

3 éditions pour ce livre

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2018 Editions Del Rey Books

Française Langue française | 480 pages | Sortie : 8 Février 2018 | ISBN : 9781785036347

2018 [E-book] Editions Ebury Publishing

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 320 pages | Format : ePub | Sortie : 8 Février 2018 | ISBN : 9781473551602

2018 Editions Penguin books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 469 pages | Sortie : 8 Février 2018 | ISBN : 9781785036354

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