The Jimmy Fincher Saga, book 1: A Door in the Woods

de James Dashner (2005)

Saga The Jimmy Fincher Saga Terminée




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What begins as a summer-day climb up his favorite tree quickly takes an ugly turn for poor Jimmy Fincher, as he witnesses something that turns his perception of reality upside-down. When the perpetrator of the act notices Jimmy in the tree, the ensuing adventures explode into a torrent of suspense and excitement. The next month of Fincher's life includes an ancient legend come to life, a conspiracy of madmen decades old, strange portals to other worlds, villains named everything from Raspy to Shadow and behind it all is the old wooden door in the forest by Jimmy's home. There, something wondrous awaits.

1 édition pour ce livre

2005 Editions Autoédité

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 188 pages | Sortie : 12 Mai 2005

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