Only the Ring Finger Knows, tome 3 : The Ring Finger Falls Silent




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Wataru and Yuichi have spent a blissful year watching their relationship soar to new heights.? But with the added responsibilities of exit exams and a stressful job, both boys know that their stolen moments together are more precious than ever. Of course, their enchantingly handsome faces and unique personalities attract admiration from those both near and far...and when the sweet and sincere Masanobu decides that Wataru is an uncanny reminder of a love long-past, his attachment poses an immediate threat to the passionate couple.? With a meddling older brother, jealous schoolgirls and a school-wide auction all thrown into the mix, will Yuichi and Wataru have no choice but to offer up their secret to the public, or go into hiding...forever?

Titre original : Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitte Iru, book 3 : Kusuri Yubi wa Chinmoku suru

1 édition pour ce livre

2006 Editions Juné (Yaoï Novel)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 298 pages

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