Giants of the Frost

de Kim Wilkins (2004)




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Victoria Scott, a scientist ans sceptic running from a broken engagement and a belief that love is a lie, accepts a job at an isolated island weather station in the Norwegian Sea. But there are shadows outside her cabin window, a hag in her nightmares, and a disturbing sense of familiarity in the deep, haunted forest.
On Asgard, the world of the old gods, Odin's son Vidar has exiled himself from his cruel family to await the reincarnation of his beloved: a woman his father murdered a thousand years ago. But in his struggle to escape his destiny Vidar may have incurred a price greater than anyone can afford to pay; to fulfill his heart's desire, he could set in motion a tragedy greater than death itself.

And deep in the black, twisted roots of the World Tree, the three Norns spin and weave the fates of everyone.

1 édition pour ce livre

2005 Editions Gollancz

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 435 pages

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