Titanic Town




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Mary Costello's coming-of-age novel is set against a backdrop of unforgiving violence and strong family ties. Young and impressionable Annie McPhelimy grows up with the Troubles in Bunbeg Gardens, a 'no-go' area of Catholic West Belfast, just a stone's throw from the improbably named Peace Line. Here IRA and peace campaigners live side by side. But Annie's tales of her life are not just tragic: they are full of sharp, uproarious glimpses of a bustling family life dominated by Bernadette 'Bernie' McPhelimy, a good-hearted mother who will do all she can to protect her loved ones from the harsh world outside.

Titre original : Titanic Town

1 édition pour ce livre

1992 Editions Methuen

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 340 pages

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