We Know You Remember

de Tove Alsterdal (2020)




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Eira Sjödin is just old enough to remember the summer when 16-year-old Lina Stavren went missing. The entire community was haunted by the disappearance - especially when Olof Hagström, just 14 himself, confessed to the murder.

Eira remembers Olof being sent away, but that was over two decades ago. No one in their small rural community has seen or heard from him since, but the spectre of his crime lingers in the forests around the town.

But now Olof is back, and he stands accused of another brutal crime: the murder of his father. Eira will have to untangle years of well-kept secrets to get to a truth . . . because in Ådalen, where Eira knows everyone, nothing is what it seems.

Titre original : Rotvälta (2020)

1 édition pour ce livre

2021 Editions Harper

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 368 pages | Sortie : 28 septembre 2021 | ISBN : 9780063115064

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