Les aventures de Vlad Taltos, tome 6 : Athyra
Steven Brust1993




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Vlad has traveled through Dragaera for over two years. He now wears normal clothing, has discarded most of his assassin arsenal, and has lost a finger. While entering the village of Smallcliff, he meets Savn, a Teckla boy apprenticed to the local physicker. The two strike up a brief conversation, and Savn is often confused by Vlad's behavior, as he has never seen an Easterner before. Vlad's arrival in town is concurrent with the mysterious death of Reins, a former servant of the Baron of Smallcliff.

Titre original : Vlad Taltos, book 6: Athyra (1993)

1 édition pour ce livre

1993 Editions Ace Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 243 pages | ISBN : 9780441010103

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