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There are two things Ben Lewis has convinced himself he can never have at the same time: playing hockey and being openly gay. Hockey is looking to be his only choice. Until now. Being captain of the team and starting his senior year of high school is a lot to handle. Throw in a budding friendship with his crush, Marcus, and Ben is faced with deciding if he’s brave enough to take the next step.

Fortunately, courage can come from unexpected places. His BFF Ryan, new friends, and a voice from the past are great assists to his determination to be true to himself and keep playing the game he loves, but will they be enough?

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2018 [E-book] Editions NineStar press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Format : PRC/MOBI | Sortie : 2 juillet 2018

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  • Slytheerin Le 10 Juillet 2018 à 17:29
    Une romance mignonne entre Ben et Marcus, mais aussi tout un cheminement personnel pour Ben qui ressent le besoin de faire son coming out. Malgré des petits défauts par ci par là, ce fut une lecture toute sympathique ! Et mention spéciale au personnage de Ryan, le meilleur ami : quelle perle !

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