Three Sherlock Holmes Adventures (abrégé)




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Silver Blaze
Thor Bridge
The Stockbroker's clerk

In the bank of Cox and Company, near Paddington in London, there is ann old wooden box with my name on it : Dr John H. Watson . It is full of papers. Nearly all of them are stories about Sherlock Holmes, and in some of these adventures I was with him.

I have just lately read these stories again, and in each story there was z point where we knew enough for an answer. In this book, I have stopped each story at that point,so you too can try to find an answer. The ending of each story is lter in the book.

Can you find the answers before Sherlock Holmes? Try!

Titre original : Three Sherlock Holmes Adventures

1 édition pour ce livre

1988 Editions HarperCollins (Collins english library)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 48 pages

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