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'A romance of the last 500,000 years' from the Pulitzer prize winning author of THE COLOR PURPLE.

A visionary cast of characters weave together their past and present in a brilliantly intricate tapestry of tales.It is the story of the dispossessed and displaced, of peoples whose history is ancient and whose future is yet to come. Here we meet Lissie, a woman of many pasts; Arveyda the great guitarist and his Latin American wife who has had to flee her homeland; Suwelo, the history teacher and his former wife Fanny who has fallen in love with spirits. Hovering tantalisingly above their stories are Miss Celie and Shug, the beloved characters from The Color Purple.

Titre original : The Temple of My Familiar

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2022 Editions Robert Laffont (Pavillons poche)

Française Langue française | 480 pages | Sortie : 13 janvier 2022 | ISBN : 9782221258941

2004 Editions Hachette (Book Group)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 426 pages | ISBN : B0058M8H3M

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