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What starts off as a light-hearted competition to live without modern technology for a year turns into a fight for survival in this unputdownable young adult thriller by New York Times bestselling author Jarrod Shusterman and debut author Sofía Lapuente.

To save her struggling family, Luna enters a competition offering reward money to anyone who can successfully live without modern technology for a year. But when this social experiment turns sinister and her classmates start disappearing, her family’s livelihood might not be the only thing she’s in danger of losing.

Titre original : Retro (2023)

1 édition pour ce livre

2023 Editions Simon & Schuster

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 400 pages | Sortie : 24 janvier 2023 | ISBN : 9781665902755

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  • A Blue Box Full of Books Le 27 Janvier 2023 à 16:27
    Retro is the kind of book that you cannot put down. It is like a millefeuille cake. It is good and sugary and you cannot stop eating it. And like the cake this efficient young adult thriller has several layers of reading. I loved how Sofía Lapuente and Jarrod Shusterman introduced difficult topics in the story, without overdoing it.

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