The Road Through the Wall

de Shirley Jackson (1948)




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Everyone knew the residents of Pepper Street were "nice" people -- especially the residents themselves. Among the self-satisfied group were: Mrs Merriam, the sanctimonious shrew who was turning her husband into a nonentity and her daughter into a bigoted spinster; Mr Roberts, who found relief from the street's unending propriety in shoddy side-street amours; Miss Fielding, who considered it more important to boil an egg properly than to save a disturbed girl from destruction. It took the gruesome act of a desperate boy who lived among them to pierce the shell of their complacency and force them to see their own ugliness.

Titre original : The Road Through the Wall (1948)

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2013 Editions Penguin books (Classics)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 208 pages | Sortie : 5 septembre 2013 | ISBN : 9780141392004

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