The Vishakanya's Choice

de Roshani Chokshi (2015)




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“Did we have a choice? An honest one. A real Choice.” Who would you be if you had a choice? What would you do? Early in her life, Sudha's fate was divined to be a lonely, fruitless future of young widowhood. So, it was considered a blessing when she was brought to the Hastinapur harem to become a vishakanya--a weapon, an assassin, a poison maiden whose very touch is toxic. Sudha has never had a choice, has never known anything except the cold beauty of the harem's stone walls. After years of living in isolation with her vishakanya sisters, Sudha is given her first mission: to end the life of a great man. Someone who, unlike her, leads a life full of glittering Choices fit for an emperor. In their fateful encounter, a vishakanya meets a conqueror and a weapon creates a legend.

Titre original : The Vishakanya's Choice (2015)

1 édition pour ce livre

2005 [E-book] Editions St. Martin's Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Format : ePub | ISBN : 9781942302117

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