The wrong Venus
Charles Williams1966




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Wanted : Kendall Flanagan

She was a six-foot, judo-chopping blonde bobshell, adventuress, ghostwriter, and troublemaker — and she was being chased by a deadly killer, a band of kidnappers, and the police. And Colby needed her — for a madcap scheme to make a million !

Wanted : Sabine MAnning

She was the aging queen of best-selling sex lovels — until discovered sex herself and disappeared on the Aegan with a boatload of Greek boys !

Wanted : MArtine Randall

She was a jet-setter with a knack for crime and a nose for money. She lured Colby into this mess, and she was determined to lure her into his bed — if he could stau alive !

1 édition pour ce livre

1970 Editions New American Library

Française Langue française | 191 pages

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