Metropolis, book 4 :Trying It




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Frankie Ramirez never figured helping a twink-in-need would lead to him finding a bestie, but that's exactly what happened with Evan. Living with him at Metropolis has been a dream come true. Evan's sexy, kind, knows how to make Frankie smile, and he's both hilarious and confident when he sings his heart out during karaoke. Evan's been dealt a bad hand, and Frankie likes being there for him, but Evan does the same for Frankie. When life gets heavy, nothing fixes it like movies, Chinese food, and Evan. After the betrayal of his dick-of-an-ex, Evan Lockhart has a hard time getting close to people. But the one guy he can always count on is his laid-back, adorable, beanie-wearing bestie, Frankie. Frankie is fiercely loyal and protective-exactly what Evan needs in his life right now. Evan tells him everything, but when he finds himself curious to explore something a little unusual-maybe a little strange-he worries about what will happen if Frankie finds out. But who better to explore your closet kink with than your best friend? Evan and Frankie know they're strong enough not to let something like this get between them. And really, is there any harm in just TRYING IT?

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Anglaise Langue anglaise | 430 pages | Sortie : 5 Mai 2018 | ISBN : 9781718764194

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  • Aurore62128 Le 13 Juin 2019 à 14:45
    WTF ...... ? La juste NON, je peux lire beaucoup de choses mais le sujet "Kink" de ce tome n'est vraiment pas fait pour moi. Dommage j'ai pourtant bien aimé les personnages mais y a pas moyen la ... c'est trop pour moi.

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