Apple and Rain

de Sarah Crossan (2014)




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When Apple's mother returns after eleven years of absence, Apple feels almost whole again. In order to heal completely, her mother will have to answer one burning question: Why did she abandon her? But just like the stormy Christmas Eve when she left, her mother's homecoming is bittersweet. It's only when Apple meets her younger sister, Rain - someone more lost than she is - that she begins to see things for how they really are, allowing Apple to discover something that might help her to feel truly whole again.

Titre original : Apple and Rain (2014)

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2015 Editions Bloomsbury (Children's Books)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 328 pages | Sortie : 12 Février 2015 | ISBN : 9781408827130

2015 Editions Bloomsbury

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 342 pages

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