One Last Gift

de A. Zavarelli (2015)




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For the last three years, Aspen Keller has stood tirelessly by Kane Stryker’s side. Her media mogul boss is handsome, charming, and oddly sweet when he wants to be. He’s also completely oblivious to the fact that Aspen’s in love with him.

Fed up and unable to take any more, Aspen accepts a job in Florida. She’s written her resignation and packed her bags. Now the only thing left to do is get through the holidays.

This is her last Christmas with Kane. The man she’s given sixty hours a week and three years of her life to. The man who’s stolen her heart. But before she goes, she has something else she wants to give him.

One last gift.

Titre original : One Last Gift (2015)

1 édition pour ce livre

2015 [E-book] Editions Autoédité

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Format : ePub | Sortie : 17 novembre 2015

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