Jane Hawk, tome 0,5 : The Bone Farm
Dean Koontz2018

Saga Jane Hawk Terminée




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An audio original novella featuring bestselling author Dean Koontz's compelling new heroine, Jane Hawk. From the case files of the former FBI agent before she became the nation's most wanted fugitive - The Bone Farm details a desperate man-hunt for a serial killer before he murders again.

Katherine Haskell, a young college co-ed is on her way back to school, but she never makes it there. Instead, she becomes the latest prey of the rapist and murderer dubbed by the tabloids the "Mother Hater." He is a twisted soul who kidnaps young girls for pleasure then discards them.

Katherine is missing, but she's not yet dead. FBI agents Jane Hawk and her partner Gary Burkett must descend into the hell of this killer's mind to solve the case before it is too late. The question is - will they both get out alive?

Titre original : Jane Hawk, tome 0,5 : The Bone Farm (2018)

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2018 [Audiobook] Editions Brilliance Audio

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Lu par Elisabeth Rodgers, James Anderson Foster | Durée : 121 min | Sortie : 25 avril 2018 | ISBN : B07C35HCGR

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