Living dead love story, tome 2




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Maddy was just a normal girl - a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, would ask her out. When he finally did, her whole life changed. On her way to the party, she was struck by lightning and awoke with no heartbeat and no breath in her lungs. When Barracuda's Bay homecoming turned into zombie Armageddon, Dane helped Maddy and Stamp escape undead.

Now Maddy, Dane and Stamp have fled to Orlando, where they work at a theme park, hiding in plain sight with their jobs in The Great Movie Monster Maekover Show. But all is not well as the BFFs of the living dead cohabitate 24/7 trying to avoid curious Normals (humans), vengeful Zerkers (bad zombies), and equally lethal Sentinels (zombie cops).

While Dane and Maddy drew closer, Stamp drifts away - straight into the arms of a mysterious blonde with a permanent scowl. The girl puts their whole afterlife in danger, and before lonf Mady's ready to hunt her down to separate her from her head !

Titre original : Living dead love story, book 2: Zombies don't forgive

1 édition pour ce livre

2013 Editions Medallion Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 320 pages | Sortie : 1 Avril 2013

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