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The Sweetest Gift is a Christmas novella for fans of the Second Circle Tattoos and Preload series.

It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s the rough with the smooth. It’s love. And most of all, it’s family.

It’s Reid and Lia’s Christmas Day wedding, and everyone is invited.

Preload has officially become a cross between Pixie’s beloved Sound of Music Von Trapp’s and the McCallister family of Home Alone. With so many family members involved, it takes a private jet and a whole heap of patience to get the group to Miami. Elliott’s faith in the future is rocked, Nik needs to figure out how to reach the three children placed in his care, Lennon faces a dilemma, and Jordan has reasons to worry about Lexi.

Meanwhile, Cujo misses his wife, Trent’s world is shaken, Pixie’s heart is somewhere else, and Lia will be walking herself down the aisle, even though she worries she’ll be a terrible wife.

Each chapter in this 35,000-word novella catches up with a different couple (even PETAL and Kendalee’s Daniel get their say), as they all come together to celebrate. This book is not a standalone and picks up a year after Lennon Reborn.

Titre original : Second Circle Tatoos, book 4.5: The Sweetest Gift

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2020 Editions Autoédité

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 140 pages | Sortie : 23 novembre 2020 | ISBN : 9781838246921

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