The haunted grange of Goresthorpe

de Arthur Conan Doyle (1877)




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Tom Hulton visits his friend Jack who lives in Goresthorpe in Norfolk. In order to convince him of the existence of ghosts, he proposes a hunting ghost in his mansion. They go and choose a small room to wait. A few minutes later, they hear drops falling from the old ceiling. To their surprise and fright, they notice it's not water but blood. They decide to visit the room above, but as they enter the hall they saw an apparition approaching them. It is the ghost of a man of the 18th century who looks scared and chased. When he disappears, another appearance arises, a ghost of a woman this time. She seems to follow the first one with a threatening manner. The two men quickly leave the house and return to the village. Analyzing the situation, they understand that the ghost of the woman was the victim of the man, and she now haunts the ghost of her killer.

Titre original : The haunted grange of Goresthorpe (1877)

1 édition pour ce livre

2000 Editions Ash-Tree Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 65 pages | ISBN : 9781553100140

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