Les gardiens des éléments, tome 7

de Rachel Caine (2008)




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Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is taking a vacation from her duties when her idyll is interrupted by her worst nightmare : a reporter from a legitimate newspaper. The last thing Joanne needs is someone exposing the sipernatural world she inhabits.

The sun chases the clouds away when her Djinn lover, Dabid, asks Joanne to marry him. She's thrilled to answer yes, but there are certan parties - some human, some otherwise - who will be less enthusiastic.

Joanne's premarital bliss ends when a freakish devastating earthquake hits Florida - and this time, she won't be able to ask David and his kind for assistance. The cause of the quake is unlike anything Joanne has ever encountered, and it's fueled by a power even the Djinn cannot perceive...

Titre original : Waether Warden, book 7: Gale Force (2008)

1 édition pour ce livre

2008 Editions Roc

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 306 pages | Sortie : 6 Août 2008

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