In Bloom, book 2: Dahlias for Dominica

de Kasey Kennedy (2023)




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She’s a quiet, free spirit. He’s bossy and by the book. Will a rough renovation help them discover the charms of true love?

Dominica Mendoza hates the thought of disappointing her parents. So the athletic woman dutifully pursues a PE teaching degree while scratching her home improvement itch by fixing up her apartment. And when her too-handsome landlord catches her drenched during a tricky sink repair job, she’s not about to be stopped by his grumpy criticism.

Grady Litwiller refuses to be distracted. Fully focused on his goal to be financially independent and retire early, the twenty-eight-year-old property manager can’t afford to be sidetracked by his gorgeous-but-feisty tenant. But when his investors threaten to pull out if he doesn’t spruce up an apartment building, he can’t stop his thoughts from turning to the talented Latina.

With Dominica needing a date to avoid an awkward parental setup, she agrees to handle the reno if the charming-but-uptight entrepreneur joins her at a cousin’s quinceañera. And though Grady is certain that emotional entanglements will just drag him down, her spunky fire is sparking an irresistible attraction.

Will their carefully laid plans lead to a foundation of forever?

Dahlias for Dominica is the cute second book of the In Bloom sweet romance series. If you like multicultural characters, workplace chemistry, and stories that tackle modern issues, then you’ll adore Kasey Kennedy’s magical makeover.

Titre original : In Bloom, book 2: Dahlias for Dominica (2023)

1 édition pour ce livre

2023 Editions Autoédité

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 252 pages | Sortie : 31 janvier 2023 | ISBN : 9781958942055

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