Barretti sécurité, tome 2 : Rafe

de Sloane Kennedy (2015)




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He wants revenge against the brothers who betrayed him but first he has to get past the one man he can't resist... At the tender age of eight, Rafe Barretti lost everything. His parents, his childhood, his innocence. And the brothers who were supposed to protect him let him go instead. Twenty years later and he's finally ready to exact his revenge by taking away everything they hold dear - their company, their reputations, their futures. But even that isn't enough - their loved ones will have to pay too and all their precious secrets are fair game. Former mercenary Cade Gamble's only job is to take down the hacker stealing sensitive, private information from Barretti Security Group and Cade is damn good at his job. But there's more at stake because the co-founders of BSG, Dom and Vin Barretti, are like family and no one touches Cade's family. The fact that the vengeful young man turns out to be the youngest of the Barretti clan doesn't matter. But when their tumultuous encounters turn into something more, Cade will have to decide between protecting the only family he has and giving in to his need to save Rafe from himself. Can Cade help Rafe find redemption so he can forgive the sins of the past or will Rafe's quest for vengeance destroy them both?

Titre original : Barretti Security, book 2: Redeeming Rafe (2015)

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2019 [E-book] Editions Juno publishing (Modern love)

Française Langue française | 190 pages | Format : ePub | Sortie : 21 Février 2019 | ISBN : B07NWXHG5V

2015 Editions CreateSpace

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 215 pages | Sortie : 21 Août 2015

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4 commentaires

  • Aurore62128 Le 08 Janvier 2018 à 18:20
    un tome sympa mais qui va un peu vite dans la relation Rafe/Cade. Rafe a un sombre passé, très torture, j'ai retrouve avec grand plaisir Logan et Dom
  • Lili Matoline Le 27 Février 2019 à 09:22
    Un tome très érotique avec une belle histoire. Deux personnages forts et attachants. Une sacré découverte et lecture. La plume est magnifique, les émotions intenses, et les rebondissements magiques. Excellent !
  • Follow The Reader Le 27 Février 2019 à 19:17
    **Diana** Rafe de Sloane Kennedy chez Juno Publishing France est une bombe émotionnelle qui vous tape en plein cœur. J'ai adoré autant que j'ai souffert pour les personnages. A lire de toute urgence. Recommandations : Scènes explicites entre les héros, thème de la violence infantile abordé avec des descriptions parfois difficiles. Romance MM
  • Emy3489 Le 20 Août 2019 à 17:37
    Un second tome qui m'a conquise. J'ai eu un coup de coeur pour le personnage de Rafe. Son passé est sombre, il est torturé et en recherche de vengeance. Son histoire avec Cade est belle.

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