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Yasunari Kawabata, Yukio Mishima and Jun'ichiro Tanizaki are all giants of world literature. Naturally enough, students want to experience their works in the original Japanese, but even tracking down a story of the right length and difficulty level can prove a major hurdle. Exploring Japanese Literature presents one each of these writers' best-known stories - plus all the linguistic support you need to read them with fluency and enjoyment.
The poignancy of romance between a wealthy Tokyoite and a provincial geisha in Kawabata's "Snow Country Miniature"; the ecstatic frenzy of a couple committing ritual suicide in Mishima's "Patriotism"; the amoral antics of a playboy aesthete trying to fire up his flagging zest for life in Tanizaki's "The Secret" - Exploring Japanese Literature is your entrée to the uniquely rich and exotic world of modern Japanese fiction.

The book features a page layout designed for maximum accessibility. On each two-page spread, the original Japanese is printed in large type on the left-hand page, with the corresponding English translation on the right and a custom dictionary - covering nearly every word - running along the bottom of both.

To further enrich your experience, Exploring Japanese Literature includes biographies of the three novelists, mini-prefaces that set the scene for the individual stories, and evocative illustrations. Three of Japan's greatest writers are just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the ride!

Titre original : Exploring Japanese Literature (2007)

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2013 Editions Kodansha International

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Traduit par Giles Murray | 351 pages | ISBN : 9781568365411

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