Tooth and claw, intégrale

de L. A. Witt (2017)




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When Levi finally persuades his wolf clan to allow him to bond to Ian—a human male—instead of his predestined female mate, he thinks his struggles are over.

Sorry, Levi—the bad stuff is just beginning.

The bonding ritual drives Ian to the edge of sanity, and he impulsively finds solace in the arms of another man. Specifically, the arms of Darius—a jaded vampire who’s understandably wary of vampire-hating wolves.

When Levi finds out about Ian’s lapse, not mention his conversion, all hell breaks loose. Now Ian’s on the run with a dead wolf’s blood on his hands, and the only way Levi or Darius are going to get near him is to work together. They need to get to him before the rest of the clan… assuming they don’t kill each other first.

And even if they do find Ian in time, that doesn’t mean their problems are anywhere near over…

Contains all three TOOTH & CLAW novels in their entirety:
The Given & The Taken
The Healing & The Dying
The United & The Divided

Titre original : Tooth and claw, intégrale (2017)

1 édition pour ce livre

2017 [E-book] Editions Autoédité

Française Langue française | Format : PRC/MOBI | Sortie : 13 Mars 2017 | ISBN : 9781943426829

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