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They go through both bottles of champagne right there on the High Line, with nothing but the stars over them... They drink and Lavinia tells Louise about all the places they will go together, when they finish their stories, when they are both great writers-to Paris and to Rome and to Trieste...

Lavinia will never go. She is going to die soon.

Louise has nothing. Lavinia has everything. After a chance encounter, the two spiral into an intimate, intense, and possibly toxic friendship. A Talented Mr. Ripley for the digital age, this seductive story takes a classic tale of obsession and makes it irresistibly new.

Titre original : Social Creature (2018)

1 édition pour ce livre

2018 Editions Doubleday

Française Langue française | 273 pages | Sortie : 5 Juin 2018 | ISBN : 9780385543521

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  • HollySonge Le 11 Avril 2019 à 17:45
    Lecture intéressante, j'ai cependant eu beaucoup de mal avec les personnages...

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