Femmes de l'Autremonde, tome 12

de Kelley Armstrong (2011)

Saga Femmes de l'Autremonde Terminée




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Savannah Levine is in terrible danger, and for once she’s powerless to help herself. At the conclusion of Waking the Witch, Savannah swore that she would give up her powers if it would help a young girl. Little did she know that someone would take her up on that promise.

And now, witch hunting assassins, necromancers, half-demons, and rogue witches all seem to be after her. The threat is not just for Savannah; every member of the Otherworld might be at risk. While most of her fellow supernaturals are circling the wagons at a gathering of the council in Miami, Savannah is caught on the road, isolated from those who can protect her and unable to use her vast spell casting talent, the thing she counts on most. In a story that will change the shape of the Otherworld forever, Spell Bound gathers Elena, Clay, Paige, Lucas, Jaime, Hope, and others, who soon learn that the greatest threat to supernaturals just may come from within.

Titre original : Women of the Otherworld, book 12 : Spell Bound (2011)

3 éditions pour ce livre

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2011 Editions Dutton

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 325 pages

2011 Editions Random House (Canada)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 368 pages

2011 Editions Orbit Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 339 pages

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1 commentaire

  • DarkGarnet Le 29 Octobre 2012 à 15:20
    Ce tome reprend tout de suite après le précédent, on suit avec toujours autant de plaisir une Savannah sans défense qui croise au fil de l'histoire tous les héros des précédents tomes. On sent que quelque chose de gros se prépare et, même si ce tome ne se termine pas sur un cliffhanger, on n'a qu'une seule envie, se jeter sur le suivant.

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