Le Mur, tome 2

de Emma Clayton (2012)

Saga Le Mur




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Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie at last are reunited. But if they're ever to free the brainwashed, microchipped child soldiers, they must pretend to play along with the tyrant Mal Gorman's maniacal plan, even as they mind-read his every evil thought. Members of an elite squadron of mutants, the brother and sister have specialized skills that will enable them to steal the top-secret formula for an age-reversing drug developed by rebel scientists on the wild side of The Wall. Juiced by these potent pills, the cadaver-like Gorman foresees a future in which he'll be forever young - released from the machinery that now supports him.

Unless, that is, Ellie and Mika have a master plan of their own: to bring the all-powerful Gorman to his knees, and face-to-face with his greatest fear.

Titre original : The Whisper (2012)

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2012 Editions The Chicken House

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 322 pages

2012 Editions Chicken House

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 275 pages

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1 commentaire

  • MlleNanaïs Le 05 Mars 2017 à 18:41
    Le début est un peu long, et la fin un peu trop "facile" à mon goût, mais ça reste quand même très prenant!

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