Simply divine
Wendy Holden1999




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Twentysomething magazine journalist Jane has enough stress between breaking up with her boyfriend, falling in love with a man who leaves the country the next morning, and being generally bemused by her weight. The last thing Wendy Holden's heroine needs is glamorous socialite Champagne D'Vyne, who pops effervescently and annoyingly into her life. Champagne's combination of stunning beauty and astounding vacuousness seemed to have struck some kind of chord with public and media alike. The Lost Chord, a despairing Jane supposed. Meanwhile, her best friend Tally's crumbling ancestral manse in Lower Bulge is about to be sold off unless Jane can find a rich knight to come to the rescue and, while she's at it, nab one for herself.

Titre original : Simply divine (1999)

1 édition pour ce livre

1999 Editions Headline

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 377 pages

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